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Convention Update! 29th January 2022

  • To be held in Bournemouth, 28th – 30th October 2022
  • We are planning for a full convention experience including contests, shows and fringe events/marketplace
  • It will provide opportunity to reconnect with friends and fellow singers for a HUGE celebration of our community and hobby
We are planning for full quartet semi-finals and finals as usual, for qualifying quartets from Prelims, as well as the full chorus contest, with opportunities for all clubs to experience the Convention stage and the most supportive audience anywhere!

We will also be offering the following opportunities for our members, in order to encourage as many as possible to experience the joy of the stage:
  • Sing to improve – sing for unpublished score and evaluation only
  • Sing for the Joy of the Experience – unpublished score and masses of encouragement
New Chorus deadlines:
  • Choruses – entry forms will be on the website soon and the deadline to enter will be extended to the end of May – (whether entering the full contest or for evaluation/joy only)
  • The singing order for the chorus contest and quartet semi-finals will be drawn at the conclusion of the Quartet Prelims contest results on 25th June.
So no need to make that decision just yet…. Keep meeting, keep singing and keep talking about how EXCITING it will be to get back together this year.