LABBS and BABS: Working Partnership Update

Type of post: LABBS news item
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Posted By: Melanie Baber
Status: Current
Date Posted: Fri, 14 Jun 2024

Members of both our Associations are familiar with the strong relationships which exist between us at a grassroots level; relationships built upon a shared joy of barbershop singing, and a desire to support and encourage one another. These relationships were evident at BABS’ highly successful 50th Anniversary Convention in May, and will no doubt be evident at LABBS’ Prelims weekend at the end of June.

The LABBS and BABS Boards continue to develop a positive relationship with each other. Board members meet regularly to discuss matters which affect the barbershop community, to share experience, and to consider the many ways in which our Associations can continue to work collaboratively. Both Boards are committed to developing a relationship built on trust, support and shared goals, for the benefit of all of our members.

The LABBS and BABS Boards will next be meeting in person in the Autumn.  As part of our commitment to our continued working partnership, we plan to consider areas where our values and aims align, and to explore ways in which we might strengthen our relationship while still respecting the unique needs of each Association and the views of our respective members.

Both Boards wish to affirm to our members that whatever the long-term future might hold, we are committed to a thriving UK barbershop community in which all our members can continue to sing, to learn, and to experience lasting fellowship together.

In harmony,

Sue Ranson, Chair, LABBS

Shanna Wells, Chair, BABS