Registration for convention passes

Convention 2022 - Bournemouth
28th - 30th October

Registration is now OPEN.

  • All LABBS Contestants have to be registered online for an All Events convention pass and be full LABBS members by 18th September 2022.
  • Contestants entered for the BinH Mixed Quartet contest only, can compete on a Sunday day pass if they are not attending any other events.
  • The online registration system is built to deal with bulk bookings - please book as groups if you possibly can, and only book as individuals if you have to, or have been specifically instructed to do so.
  • Please ensure that you have read the full terms & conditions, understanding the types of tickets available for each type of attendee, as well as LABBS' policies regarding exchanges and refunds.
  • Note: Due to the nature of the form and the degree of accuracy required, registration should be done preferably using a desktop/laptop computer, or a larger-screen tablet.
  • Non-contestants still wishing to register for convention after 18th September may do so on the door. "At the event" prices will apply.

Ready to Register and have used this system before?*

Online Registration Form

Please only begin the registration process when you have all the information you need, as well as the ability to pay in full within a few days of receiving the invoice that will be sent to you. Please do not attempt to pay before you have received the invoice.

If you experience difficulties filling out the online registration form itself, please refer to the user guide, then if still stuck you can email for help.

* If you have not used the LABBS registration system before, please continue reading the further information below the pricing table before proceeding, including the user guide so you know what details you will need.

Convention Registration Pricing

Note: "All events" does what it says on the tin... everything is included, no other separate tickets are necessary.
Standard (online registration up to 18 September 2022)
  All events Friday Saturday contest Sat Show Sunday
Adult £94 £26 £26 £26 £26
25 and under £25 n/a n/a n/a n/a
16 and under £15 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Youth Chorus parent/guardian n/a n/a £15 n/a n/a
* Parent/guardian with U5 £25 n/a n/a n/a n/a

At the event
  All events Friday Saturday contest Sat Show Sunday
Adult £99 £31 £31 £31 £31
25 and under £25 n/a n/a n/a n/a
16 and under £15 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Youth Chorus parent/guardian n/a n/a £15 n/a n/a
* Parent/guardian with U5 £25 n/a n/a n/a n/a

If tickets are selected where the price above is shown as "n/a", the adult price will apply.

* The "Parent/guardian with U5" pass is intended for non-competing partners of competitors tasked with looking after children aged 5 and under, or their guardians, who are not allowed into the auditorium during contests. See the Convention terms and conditions for more details.


Further information:

Payment Options

After you submit your form online you will be sent an invoice for the total due within 7 days, which should be paid promptly by bank transfer and before the due date, using the reference supplied on the invoice. If the full amount has not been paid by the due date, your registrations may be cancelled.

Online payments are preferred, however if you need to pay by cheque please contact the LABBS Finance Director at for instructions.

A step by step guide, with screenshots:

Answers to common questions for the online registration system:

  • Yes, you can do a bulk booking for your whole chorus, in fact we would encourage this as it means fewer payments to track, and we can post the passes all out to one address and save on postage!
  • Yes, you can see as you go along whose details you have entered - they build up on the screen "behind", where there is an edit option for each individual if you notice you've made a mistake/typo. After you submit the registration form, you can also see ALL the data on the thank you page, which you can print out. You will also receive all the information in an immediate confirmation email to the email address you entered in the first step.
  • You will receive an invoice by email to the contact address given, which can be passed to the appropriate person to pay, quoting the reference supplied so it all matches up.
  • If you are not in the UK, there will be information on the invoice for the different bank details you will need.

If you have any other queries not answered above on how to proceed, or just want to doublecheck all the information you will need before you start, please refer to the online user guide (with screenshots taking you through every step). If still stuck, you can email for help.

Please email all general registration queries to

Data Protection Notice

All online registrations are entered via a secure web site at . Data submitted is held securely in online encrypted databases, and confirmations of each transaction is sent to those LABBS personnel who need the information to process your registrations, as well as to the contact email given. Information sent by email cannot be guaranteed to be secure.