LABBS Quartets

While many barbershoppers enjoy singing in a chorus, there is also the option to sing as a four in a quartet, which is what has historically been associated with barbershop. This is a very different experience than singing in a large group but is richly rewarding.

LABBS has over 50 registered quartets, including its "QCs" (Quartet Champions). Our list of winners over the years can be found on our quartet champions page

To be a registered LABBS quartet all four singers must be members of LABBS either via a chorus or via Club At Large (CAL). Read more information on how to join LABBS.

Once you are a member you have access to lots of helpful information, including hints and tips on how to start a new quartet!

One of the most challenging yet exciting aspects of being in a quartet is competition, more information about this can be found on our quartet prelims page. In recent years, a new youth quartet contest was introduced which does not require all quartet singers to be LABBS members, if this is of interest to you as a young person or as a music teacher, please get in touch with us.

LABBS members also sometimes join forces with singers from other organisations to sing 'mixed' barbershop, that is more than one gender, either in chorus or more frequently as a mixed quartet.


Interested in booking a LABBS quartet to sing at your event?

In the first instance please contact the Membership Director at with all the relevant details, including date, location and your vision for their participation.