Harmony College

LABBS ultimate education event

Education in LABBS is targetted annually at specific user groups, usually via separate education days and weekends.

Every few years, all education for directors, quartets, music teams and chorus members is combined into one special event over a residential weekend - LABBS Harmony College.

Supported by the LABBS Education and Judging Committee, the Events team and led by an appointed College "Dean", Harmony College is a fabulously fun and educational event open to LABBS and non-LABBS members. A selection of grants is also available on application.

For the duration of the weekend delegates choose a primary stream to follow, depending on what they personally want to get out of the weekend.  Streams include:

  • Chorus stream(s)
  • Directing
  • Quartet coaching
  • Personal development (classroom based options)

A core feature of the weekend (for everyone during plenary sessions and in particular for the practical chorus streams) is the new LABBS polecat launched for that year, which is commonly arranged by our own LABBS Music Judging Category.

Recent Harmony College events have taken place at Nottingham University, Jubilee Campus. The next Harmony College is being planned to take place in 2023.

Nottingham Campus, Lakeside view