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Convention 2024

The contest draw for order of appearance will take place at the Council meeting following the LABBS AGM on Saturday 23rd March, and will be posted here.

LABBS Chorus contest

Contest draw

MW2:  Cheshire Chord Company
  1. Surrey Harmony
  2. The Belles of Three Spires
  3. Acappella Sound
  4. Chorus Iceni
  5. Harmony InSpires
  6. Red Rock A cappella (evaluation only)
  7. Celtic Chords (for joy)
  8. The White Rosettes
  9. Green Street Blues
  10. Rhapsody Chorus
  11. The LABBS Youth Chorus
  12. Fascinating Rhythm
  13. Avon Harmony
  14. Cambridge Harmony (for joy)
  15. Capital Connection
  16. London City Singers
  17. Silver Lining
  18. Amersham A Capella
  19. Gracenotes Acapella
  20. Cascade Chorus
  21. Spinnaker Chorus
  22. Six Town Sound
  23. Blackdown Acapella
  24. Norwich Harmony
  25. Arun A Cappella
  26. Bristol Fashion
  27. Chordettes Acapella Chorus
  28. Junction 14
  29. Signature A Cappella Singers
  30. Cleeve Harmony

Convention Contest Timetables

Chorus Contest
LABBS Chorus timetable (updated 7th May) LABBS Chorus timetable (updated 7th May)

Quartet Contests - for timings only (blank)
LABBS Quartet Semifinals timetable (blank) LABBS Quartet Semifinals timetable (blank)

LABBS Quartet Finals timetable (blank) LABBS Quartet Finals timetable (blank)

Quartet Prelims 2024

29th/30th June
Contest venue: Blue Coat School, Coventry


HQ Hotel: Holiday Inn, Hinckley Road, Coventry CV2 2HP


Prelims Contest Timetables

LABBS Quartet Prelims timetable for Saturday (updated 23rd May) LABBS Quartet Prelims timetable for Saturday (updated 23rd May)

LABBS Quartet Prelims timetable for Sunday (updated 23rd May) LABBS Quartet Prelims timetable for Sunday (updated 23rd May)


Prelims Contestant Information Briefing Document

Quartet Prelims information for all contestants Quartet Prelims information for all contestants

Contest related information and forms for all prelims contestants

  • Prelims Songsheet submission form (for you to declare what you are going to sing, including copyright information, plus provide your announcement details) is now complete and received by all contestants.
  • Contest timetables and briefings will also be made available on this page and updated as needed - please check back to make sure you have the latest version.
  • Later this year:  For competitors qualifying for convention, all the relevant documentation will be made available on this page, please come back regularly.

Information for Prelims participants - key points

  • For 2024, all quartet contests will be part of the same draw. Depending on the number of entries, we may need to conduct the contest over 2 days.
  • Relevant full information and paperwork to be returned will be posted on this page, so please check back regularly to make sure you've done everything in good time.
  • The results and draw for quartet semi-finals, as well as chorus and mixed quartets draws for convention, will take place shortly after the close of the prelims contest.
  • Coaching sessions for Quartets with a place are on Sunday 3oth June, the contest timetable will be drawn to allow this, however the pairing model by ranking will not be possible, as the contest may still be ongoing.
  • There will be no official Saturday evening social, as the contest may still be ongoing.

Other Information

  • We expect contestants to be familiar with the contest rules (note that an update will be published for the 2024 contest cycle in February. Some eligibility criteria can also be found on the prelims page).
  • Contestant classes include: (see prelims page for more details):
    • LABBS Women's Quartets competition, which serves as a qualifying round for convention
    • LABBS Mixed Quartets, in collaboration with BABS and SA Reg31
    • LABBS Women's Novice Quartets
    • LABBS Women's Senior Quartets
    • Open Youth Women's Quartets
  • Non-contestant classes, open to LABBS Women's registered quartets only, include:
    • Perform for unpublished score and evaluation only
    • Sing for the joy of performing to an audience (no score or eval given)


Contest Rules

Contest rules - have now been updated for the 2024 contest cycle, please check to see if any changes affect you!

Contest & Judging Handbook - Including new category descriptions detailing what judges are looking for. 

It is also recommended to check your songs are in line with the advice on the Good Taste page, provided by the Performance Category.

Contest Entry Classes

Sing for Joy
Sing for Joy contestants will be included in the contest draw, and will perform two songs for ‘the joy of performing for the audience only.’ The judges will put down their pens, sit back, and enjoy your performance. The songs you perform need not be completely within the rules, but should be a capella. No score or evaluation will be given. There is a 20% discount on the contest entry fee for choruses opting to 'Sing for Joy'.

Sing for Evaluation
Evaluation only contestants will be included in the contest draw, but will not be shown on any scoresheet. An evaluation will be provided in the same manner as competing contestants. Songs need to be within the contest rules.


Details as on the Prelims page, LABBS Women's Quartets may also opt to Sing for Evaluation, or Sing for Joy as above, at Prelims, Plus:

Past gold medallists

Women’s and mixed (under LABBS or BinH) will be able to apply to sing for a score for nomination to BHS in 2025. These quartets will sing 4 songs in 2 rounds at Convention, but we need you to register now so we can plan for Convention. You should have a reasonable expectation of achieving the qualifying score which is 78% this year but this may be increased by the BHS for 2025.

Other convention-related forms and useful information for LABBS members

Score histories - Look up what you scored in previous years and track your progress (or use to look for song ideas!).

Scoring summaries - Written by LABBS judges, a handy guide to skillsets usually experienced at each level and what you might need to work on and improve, to become better singers and performers and score higher in contest.

Trophies & Awards - A guide to the trophies and awards on offer in LABBS contests and the criteria for each.

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