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Different garments have different size choices, limited by the provider/availability.

If a larger size is needed, head to the men's t-shirts - 2 garments (normal and premium) go up to 5X. Women buying men's designs should remember to allow for a (probably) wider hip measurement so it's not too snug in that area!


The measurements in the size guides are for the garment, not body measurements.  It is strongly recommended to follow the standard practice of adding the following number of inches onto your body measurement, to find the correct size for the desired fit, as follows:
  • Close fit: add 2"- 2.5"
  • Relaxed fit: add 3" - 4"
  • Hoodies and layering up: add 4"- 6"
If in doubt. size UP.


You can order items from this merchandise store at any time of year! 

LABBS logo items are always available, other designs may be limited editions and added or removed, in line with the LABBS events they may be directly associated with.

If you have a great idea for a design, please email

Note: all queries and feedback to do with quality, delivery and service, should be reported to the merchandise store providers, on

LABBS has no control over these aspects of the store.