LockDown Convention - LABBS Style

During much of 2020 and 2021, LABBS, along with the rest of the world, was rocked by the impact on our freedom caused by the Global Covid Pandemic.  As we moved into and out of lockdown, singing in groups was slow to return due to the perceived risks that singers and audiences faced, particularly indoors.

2020, Before vaccines were available, meeting to sing and with it, LABBS 20 was quickly ruled out. LABBS BIG WEEKEND was created to take a bad situation and turn it into a magical moment in time.  Over the normal Convention weekend, we delivered 3 days of online material, including showcases of 5-minute videos from LABBS choruses and quartets, two days of online education, special features including international keynote speakers, our standard Long Service Awards and Absent friends features plus two major shows and more besides.

You can revisit this great event on our YouTube channel

The event included:

dawned with the advent of vaccines that would allow people to start to return to some aspects of normal life, including, with safety measures, outdoor and then indoor singing.  When deciding on Convention, we did not have confidence that a full Convention would be possible, but we wanted to put something in place which would allow for several smaller groupings on Saturday, with the safety net of a virtual event on Sunday to involve the whole organisation.   The HUBs were created - 6 regional centres hosted by local LABBS choruses, providing a day of singing, education and fun for those able to attend.  For those who couldn't attend, there was a virtual hub, hosted on our YouTube channel based on TV telethons, visiting the in-person events interspersed with recorded material.

You can revisit this event on the LABBS YouTube channel.

Saturday Virtual Hub - over 9 1/2 hours of fun and harmony! 

Sunday - bringing LABBS Together