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Road Closure - The Kex Gill section of the A59 between Skipton and Harrogate is closing for five weeks from the 9th October. If you're travelling to Convention from the North West, this may affect your journey time. Please see North Yorkshire Council's website for more information.

Online registration has now closed. Please see the registration page for on-the-door Convention pass pricing and information, including T&Cs.

Essential Information

Wristbands are being issued for day tickets and show tickets this year. Details of which day or show they are for will be printed on them.
It is essential that you always wear your Convention All Event Pass or wristband while inside the convention centre. If you do not have an All Event Pass or wristband you will not be allowed into the venue. All Event Passes and wristbands must not be handed to other people to use; they are for the specific use of the individual, named delegate. If anyone is found misusing All Event Passes or wristbands in this way, they will be asked to leave the event and the club associated with the misuse will be fined. If you forget your All Event Pass or wristband or lose it during the event, there will be a charge of £10 for a replacement.

Audience members will not be permitted to enter or exit the auditorium during individual performances. Please be sure to always follow the direction of event stewards.

Bag checks are being carried out by convention centre security staff. Please allow extra time for this, and ensure you have your All Event Pass or wristband visible. If you intend to purchase or collect your All Event Pass or wristband after entry, please let security staff know and head straight to the reception desk.

The bar can be found on Level 5. Opening times:
  • Friday, 4pm-12.30am (last orders at midnight)
  • Saturday, 4pm–1.30am (last orders at 1am).
Cold snacks will also be available during these times (see Catering, below).
To help you budget for the weekend, Harrogate Convention Centre has provided a price list.

As children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the auditorium during contests, a Barbertots room is available off the entrance to Hall D, on the right. Carers can see the stage via video link. A ‘Parent/Guardian with U5 Pass’ can be obtained from the reception desk to access this room.
Please note, the Barbertots room will be closed during the following times:
  • Friday, 4.30pm - 7pm
  • Saturday, 5.50pm - 8pm.
When the Barbertots room is closed, a viewing screen will be available in the foyer.

Club pull-up banners must be brought to the reception desk for the Front of House Manager to assign locations. Boards and other banners are no longer permitted. 

We will be collecting bras again this year to help raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, so bring your unloved over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders and donate them to a worthy cause! You’ll find collection boxes in the main foyer, Hall D, and the Studio One dressing room.
Please also look for the QR code in reception which you can use to access the donation page of YAAs website, should you wish to make a monetary donation.

Please be aware that Harrogate convention centre is cashless. 

Hot and cold food and drinks will be available in Hall D during the following times:
  • Friday, 8.30am-7pm
  • Saturday, 8.30am-7pm
  • Sunday, 9.30am-2pm.
Cold food, drinks and small bottles of wine will be available from the shop on Level 5 during the following times:
  • Friday, 10.30am-6.30pm, and 9.30-11pm
  • Saturday 10.30am-3.45pm and 9.30-11pm
  • Sunday, closed.
To help you budget for the weekend, Harrogate Convention Centre has provided a price list. Please note: Cold food options will be available in Hall D and on Level 5 during advertised opening hours. Hot food options will only be available in Hall D. Jacket potatoes and soup are available during the day, and pies and pizza are available as an evening meal.

Harrogate Homeless Project provides people experiencing homelessness in the Harrogate District, with a safe place to stay and the support they need to build confidence and move towards independent living. They operate a day centre supporting people experiencing homelessness with day-to-day care, emergency overnight accommodation, a 16-bed hostel, and move on housing, along with a range of support services.
We’ll be collecting items for HHP at Convention, and would love to receive:
UHT milk; squash; coffee; hot chocolate; pot noodles; tinned meats; milk chocolate; biscuits; cooking oil; tin foil; cling film; plastic food containers with lids; cleaning products (especially bleach and antibacterial spray); shower gel; shampoo; toilet rolls; dental products; laundry products; adult clothing (hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, jeans, summer-weight waterproof coats, trainers and (new) underwear in sizes S, M or L); sleeping bags. Please take your donations to the main foyer.
Please also look for the QR code in reception which you can use to access the donation page of HHPs website, should you wish to make a monetary donation.

There will be no extension on Saturday evening due to the clocks going back at 2am. All attendees must leave the venue by 01:50am.

There is a cloakroom in the foyer, but it is not staffed or charged for. Please note that any items left in the cloakroom are left at your own risk. LABBS and/or Harrogate Convention Centre are not liable for any theft, damage, or other loss to your property while it is in the cloakroom.

Please notify the chief courier if not notified at registration, before the day’s competition starts, of any competitor who, due to a temporary or permanent condition, will not be able to use stairs or walk more than a short distance. These competitors must be escorted by a helper, who may or may not be a singing member of the same chorus or quartet. 

  • 50% refund for cancellations up to online registration closing date (14th September 2023).
  • 25% refund for cancellations up to midnight on 26th October 2023.
  • 0% refund for cancellations on or after the first day of the event (27th October 2023)

Refunds will not be approved or processed without the return of the original registration documents (All Event Pass or wristband). Any refund will be paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card refund if this was the original method used.
A personal travel policy may provide cover should you need to cancel your attendance at Convention. You will need to read the Terms and Conditions.
Name Changes will be charged at £10 per person. Changes are allowed up to 15th October 2023. No changes are possible after this date. If the pass has already been printed/received then the name change will be done at the event on presentation of the original pass and proof of request and payment.

Dress rails are not provided. If you bring your own, please take it with you when your quartet or chorus enters the dressing room, and remove it from the dressing room immediately following your performance. Your dress rail may be stored in the cloakroom in the main foyer, but please ensure it is clearly labelled with the name of your quartet or chorus. Please note that the cloakroom is not staffed or charged for. Dress rails and other items stored in the cloakroom are left at your own risk, and LABBS and/or Harrogate Convention Centre are not liable for any theft, damage, or other loss to your property while it is in the cloakroom.

Just before your allocated time, please make your way to Studio One as a complete group and report to the dressing room attendant. The route to the dressing room is through Hall D. Please go through the door at the back of the hall, and up the stairs to Studio One.
Please note that no photography is allowed anywhere in any of the dressing rooms, and this rule will be strictly enforced. If you wish to take photographs, you may use the corridor outside the dressing room, but please ensure that you do not block access through this area.
Please bring your own mirror for use in the dressing room.
Please do not leave valuables in the dressing room. Your (small!) handbags and leakproof water bottle will be looked after while you are on stage (also see Water, below).

Any enquiries prior to Convention may be directed to During the event, please go to reception during the advertised opening hours.

The fancy dress theme for Saturday night, should you choose to take part, is ‘Tea Party’.  So, whether it’s a cute little tea-dress, or you’re coming dressed a fairy-cake, remember to post your photos on social media with the hashtags #WeAreLABBS #TeaParty #Harrogate #LABBS23 #SingLABBS.

Fully qualified first aid personnel will be available during Harrogate Convention Centre opening hours. If you need first aid during the event, please go to reception on Level 4 or speak to a member of Harrogate Convention Centre staff. 

If you’ve never been to Convention before, please do go along to the First-Timers Welcome Desk in the main foyer and say hello to LABBS Board and Liaison Officers, pick up your At A Glance guide and Convention First Timer badge, and pose for a selfie! Our volunteers will also be happy to talk to you a little more about Convention, and LABBS generally and answer any questions you might have. The desk will be open as follows:

  • Friday, 9am-12noon, 12.30pm-3.45pm, and 5.45pm–8pm
  • Saturday, 8.25am–4pm.

Hall D will be the central space for socialising, food, viewing photographs, and marketplace. Please see the relevant sections of this document for more details, particularly catering opening times.
Hall D will be open as follows:

  • Friday, 8.30am-11pm
  • Saturday, 8.30am-11pm
  • Sunday, 9.30am-2.30pm.

Please be aware that judges adopt the standard practice of not applauding contestants either between songs or after their performance. This is to allow them more time for writing meaningful notes for your evaluation, and to avoid the perception of bias or favouritism. The judges will still applaud all contestants onto the stage.

Delegates attending for the first time will be given a LABBS-branded lanyard to hold their All Event Pass. All returning delegates are expected to bring their lanyards from previous events, including the plastic holder. If you have lost your lanyard, a new one can be purchased for £1. Priority will be given to first timers should there be a shortage.

A map of Harrogate Convention Centre can be viewed, downloaded or printed in advance. It will also be available in At A Glance: Your Weekend Guide and Contest Timings, at Convention. 

Gifts of Note and Vocalzone will be in Hall D, along with the White Rosettes who will be raising funds for their trip to BHS International in Cleveland, Ohio, in July 2024. 

When in the auditorium please remember to switch off mobile phones, beeping alarms on watches, and anything else that makes a noise.

There is a 24-hour pay and display car park directly below the convention centre, which includes spaces for Blue Badge holders. Please note that while the car park is 24 hours, the entry and exit shutters are open from 06:00 to 23:59. Additional parking is available at Jubilee and Victoria car parks in the centre of Harrogate. For further information regarding parking, including charges, locations, and electric vehicle recharging bays, please see Harrogate Convention Centre's website for more information.

Official photographs and copyright are included in your delegate fee. Following Convention, your chorus/quartet will be sent an email with details of how to access digital images of your performance. Please be aware that any images captured may be used for publicity purposes on social media sites / literature unless otherwise instructed.
No photography, videography or audio recording of any kind is allowed in the auditorium, other than that officially authorised by LABBS in advance of the event. Please note, this restriction includes the use of mobile phones for photos, video, and audio recording. Please be aware that any images or videos captured on behalf of LABBS may be used for publicity purposes on LABBS social media sites, website, and in literature, unless otherwise instructed. LABBS may also authorise carefully selected third parties to use these images or videos.

Pin badges will be available from the reception desk. To ensure everyone gets one, please only take one pin badge per All Event Pass holder.  If, for whatever reason, you end up with more than one, please return any extra ones to reception.

The reception desk will be open as follows:

  • Thursday, 6.40pm-8.45pm;
  • Friday, 8.15am–8pm;
  • Saturday 8.20am–5.35pm and 7.10pm–7.30pm;
  • Sunday, 9.15am–10.30am.

All pre-registered delegates wearing their All Event Pass or wristband, can collect an At A Glance Convention Guide reception. All those purchasing last minute All Event Passes or wristbands will be handed a copy of the guide. Copies of the guide are subject to availability, so in the interest of fairness, please do not take more than one.

Convention is great fun but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of people and all the excitement, and need a quiet, calm space to relax in, or somewhere for reflection or prayer, two rooms have been set aside:

  • The ReSet Room, which can be found in the Queens’ Suite office.
  • The Prayer Room, which can be found in Star Dressing Room A

There are no risers in the warm-up rooms. On stage there are 12 x 4 step risers (with side and back rails).

As we are minimising the use of paper where we can, we no longer produce printed copies of results. Please see the results page for updates.

Please respect performers by taking your seat before individual performances start and keeping noise to an absolute minimum in the auditorium (except for enthusiastic applause at appropriate moments, of course!).

Chorus Singers Lists must be handed in to the Registration desk before 08:30am on Saturday. They can also be handed in at any time the desk is open on Friday which may be more convenient.  Anyone who will not be present on stage should be clearly crossed out.  You may add names (with membership numbers) to the list, but these will need to be checked and they must be registered with LABBS as members of your chorus.  Each person on the list must also be a current and fully paid-up LABBS member and have a full weekend registration pass to be allowed on stage.

If, after submitting your songsheet, you change the order in which you will be performing your songs, you must inform Contest Admin no later than 08:30am on the morning of your contest.  Should you for any reason wish to switch to singing a song that was not declared on your songsheet, you should bring a printout of proof of your copyright licence with you.

If you will be taking part in the sound check as part of a scratch chorus or quartet, it is due to finish by 8.45pm. However, if any issues arise, it will continue until issues are resolved. Please be flexible and patient while sound engineers ensure there will be no issues which will affect your contest performance, and please remain in the auditorium until released by the engineers and the E&J team.

All attendees are reminded that aerosol sprays including hair spray and deodorant, strong scents such as perfume and aftershave, vapes, and other items likely to cause irritation and/or allergic reaction, must not be used anywhere at or in the vicinity of the convention centre, including outside the entrance to the centre. There have been instances in recent years where members have been unable to perform due to products being used by others. This rule will be strictly enforced, and you may be asked to leave the centre whether competing or not. Attendees are also asked to be mindful of strong and/or liberally applied perfumes, aftershaves, and other similar scents which are applied before attending the convention centre. They can also cause irritation and/or allergic reaction in others, for a considerable time after their application. 

There will be a limited time for quartets to have stage familiarisation between approx. 8.50pm and 9.50pm on Thursday. This will be access to the stage area from the steps in the auditorium, not from backstage, if they wish to experience the view from the stage with lighting.  Access will be managed by the Events Team and E&J, to ensure all those who wish to experience the stage have an opportunity to do so.  When we know how many quartets will want this, we will work out how to accommodate you, so please email your request to by Thursday 19th October at the latest.
Please note: there will be no singing and/or coaching of any kind allowed during this time, and only competing quartet members will be admitted to the auditorium.
Please be aware that the sound check is due to finish at 8.45pm but if any issues arise, it will continue until issues are resolved; please be flexible and patient while engineers ensure there will be no issues which will affect your contest performance.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the T&Cs page.

Please return cleaned and polished trophies to reception, in their original box or case. Quartet trophies must be returned on Thursday evening. Chorus trophies can be returned on Friday, but Thursday evening is preferred. Please ensure you get the name of the person you have handed the trophy to, in case of any queries at a later stage.

It is essential that the Registration Manager ( is notified of the names of any chorus member who is under 18 years of age and the name of whoever is directly responsible for them. The person responsible for them must have an appropriate pass to enable them to be present.

The most up to date information and timings will be on this website - please use the menu buttons above. Updates will also be posted on Facebook and Instagram; search @singLABBS for our pages.

Competitors and performers will need to bring their own leak-proof water bottle for use in the warm-up room, and ensure it is full before entering the dressing room. Your water bottles will be collected as you leave for the stage and returned to you following your performance.
Fixed water points can be found in the main foyer (near the cloakroom), and in the corridor at the back of Hall D.
All other attendees are asked to bring refillable water bottles and also use the fixed water points.