LABBS Convention 2023 - Contest Results


Contest results and scoresheets will be available here shortly after each contest has concluded.

LABBS Women's Quartet Results

Gold Medal Quartet: Barberlicious
Silver Medal Quartet: Muddy Stilettos
Bronze Medal Quartet: Northern Soul


Quartet Semi-finals, all contestants Quartet Semi-finals, all contestants

Quartet Finals Quartet Finals


Quartet Awards and Trophies

The Blue Chords Trophy: FOMO
(Novice Quartet)

The Indigo Blue Trophy:  Barberlicious
(Highest Marks in Singing Category)

The Pzazz Trophy:  Barberlicious
(Highest Marks in Performance Category)

The Crackerjack! Trophy:  Muddy Stilettos
(Highest Marks in Music Category)

The Guildford Harmony Trophy:  Northern Soul
(Bronze Medal Quartet)

The Holland Harmony Trophy: Muddy Stilettos
(Silver Medal Quartet)

The LABBS Champion Quartet Trophy: Barberlicious
(Gold Medal Quartet)

LABBS Mixed Quartet Results

Gold Medal Quartet:  Hot Ticket
Silver Medal Quartet: Powerhouse
Bronze Medal Quartet:  Jam First


Mixed Quartet Semi-finals, all contestants Mixed Quartet Semi-finals, all contestants

Mixed Quartet Finals Mixed Quartet Finals



Chorus Results

Gold Medal Chorus:  Cheshire Chord Company
Silver Medal Chorus:  Steel City Voices
Bronze Medal Chorus:  Crystal Chords


Chorus contest scoresheet Chorus contest scoresheet

Chorus Awards and Trophies

The Harmony InSpires Trophy:  One Acchord
(Highest placed chorus with the highest percentage of new members)

The BABS Entertainment Trophy: Crystal Chords
(BABS' selection, for most entertaining chorus)

The Millennium Award:  Steel CIty Voices
(Most Improved Chorus)

The Cheshire Chord Trophy:  Hannah Briggs
(Director effecting most improvement in their chorus)

The Phoenix Trophy:  LABBS Youth Chorus
(Small Chorus* Division Winner)

The Red Rosettes Award:  Steel City Voices
(Mid-size* Chorus Division Winner)

The Peter Caller Award:  Cheshire Chord Company
(Large* Chorus Division Winner)

The Westering Trophy:  Crystal Chords
(Highest Marks in Performance)

The Liverpool Trophy:  Steel City Voices
(Highest Marks in Singing)

The Harmony Incorporated Trophy: Crystal Chords
(Third Place)

The White Rosettes Trophy: Steel City Voices
(Second Place)

The Brighton Rose Bowl:  Cheshire Chord Company
(Champion Chorus)

The Music Trophy:  Cheshire Chord Company
(Highest Marks in Music)

* 2023 Chorus divisions sizes (incl. MD): Small up to 25; Mid-size 26-45; Large 46 plus