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General FAQs

Who can come?

Anyone can enrol... Harmony College is open to LABBS members and non-members. Different prices may apply according to membership status.

When is it?

The college will start 10am on Saturday 29th April, and run through to Sunday afternoon. If you have some distance to travel, or just want to start the morning fresh, Friday bed and breakfast is available if required at an additional cost, as well as an optional Friday dinner. See the prices page for more details.

What are the overall timings? What time should I arrive? 

For those arriving on Friday, you will be able to access your bedroom from approx 4pm onwards. If you have booked dinner on Friday evening this will be served between 6:30 and 8pm - if you end up arriving nearer to 8pm please have your dinner first before getting your room key. Food will NOT be available after 8pm and if you are too late arriving to get any dinner there will be no refunds.

The first welcome session on Saturday starts at 10am, and if travelling that day we ask you to arrive before 9:30am so you have time to pick up your college pass, "get comfortable" and find your bearings.

Sunday will wrap up around 4:30pm, although goodbyes and hugging may affect your actual departure time!

What's the accommodation like?

Standard student accommodation, in single bed rooms, is in Southwell Hall. If you were there in 2019, it's the block opposite Newark, where we were before. The facilities are pretty much the same, i.e. fully accessible, lifts, ensuite small shower/wetrooms, towels and bedding provided, small fridge and tea/coffee in the bedrooms.

If you want a little more comfort and luxury, there is also an option to book hotel-standard single or twin rooms in the Jubilee Conference Centre.

What about the bar?

In Newark Hall in 2019 we had use of the student bar there, which will not be available this time.  Instead, we are currently planning for a bottle bar in the catering atrium, which has plenty of space and in which we can sing as late as we want to our hearts content!  So that space will be designated "The Loud Bar".

For those who prefer a quiet chat with friends old and new without needing to shout over the noise, there is the bar in the Jubilee Conference Centre, designated "The Calm Bar", where singing will be discouraged, as there will be other non-LABBS guests sleeping there.

How accessible is it?

The campus terrain is flat, with well-maintained pavements and vehicular traffic is minimal. All buildings have lifts for easy access to other floors. The Atrium, where meals are served, is very close to the Southwell accommodation option, and all educational buildings are within a few minutes walk of that central point. The Jubilee Conference Centre accommodation option is a little further away, and is at the opposite end of the campus to The Exchange Building.

Campus map Campus map

Relevant buildings:
Southwell (accomm.) = B, The Atrium (meals / loud bar) = 5, Business School South = 7, The Dearing Building = 6, The Exchange Building = 2, The "Lego" Building = 11, Jubilee Conference Centre (accomm. / calm bar) = 50


What meals and dietary options are provided?

Those staying in the Jubilee Conference Centre (B&B) will have breakfast there and other meals with everyone else.

Those staying in Southwell will have all meals in the catering atrium near the accommodation, including breakfast.  The standard of food has been good, served by friendly staff.  Provided you let us know when you enrol if you have any specific dietary requirements these will be specially catered for.  Vegetarian options as well as non-dairy milk will be available as standard, so you don't need to mention that.

Is parking close by?

There is plenty of free onsite parking in and around the campus. If there are no nearby spaces near your accommodation when you arrive, you can drop your bags and then go and find a space on campus within a couple of minutes walk.

What's the new Extreme Quartetting stream all about?

There is some information on the streams information page. If you still have unanswered burning questions, follow the link to the form in that blurb, which will offer the option to just be sent an information sheet and a box to ask any particular question you might have, without committing yourself further.

How do I enrol?

Sorry, enrolment is now closed.

When will I receive my pass?

Harmony College Passes will be collected on arrival at the event, on presentation of the confirmation email which is sent to the email address of the person making the booking (assuming the email address has been entered correctly). The confirmation email should therefore be forwarded to any others being booked on the same form, so they can print and bring it with them.  Pick-up is usually in the entrance area to the catering Atrium.

I can no longer attend - can someone else take my place?

Any changes of names can be requested up to 1st April, subject to the admin fee payment being paid.  Please see the terms and conditions for more information on refunds and name changes.

How much does it cost?

There are various cost models, depending on how many nights B&B you require and in which type of accommodation, how many meals, your membership status and age bracket. See full details of prices and packages on the prices page. There will be an option to suit your budget, including non-residential if you are local or prefer to find your own off-site accommodation.

Are there any grants available?

Yes, a number of grants are available from LABBS Voices in Harmony Foundation (VinH), applications for these grants has now closed (26th January 2023) and successful applicants have been notified.

Do you have any other questions not answered here?

Email the Harmony College Dean on harmonycollege@labbs.org.uk