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Education Content & Streams

All delegates will choose a primary stream to follow for the majority of their time at Harmony College, according to how they want to participate and what they want to get from the weekend.

We are planning for all streams to have one dedicated session each with the guest educator Kim Newcomb.

Personal Development stream 

This stream is classroom based, covering a plethora of fascinating topics from all judging categories: music, performance and singing. Classes on arranging will also feature, so there's something for everyone!  As well as for those who want to learn and understand more about Barbershop, this stream is also suitable for those who realise that a weekend standing on risers is not for them, but still want to attend Harmony College.  Delegates in this stream, must now choose from of all the class options available to make up your personal timetable.  Please see all the details including the form link on the Personal Development stream syllabus page.


Chorus stream 

In this stream you will spend the majority of your time singing in a chorus environment, directed by a top LABBS Director, who will be assisted by their chosen team of section leaders, as well as benefitting from a coaching session with Kim!  Each chorus rehearses 2 songs, one of which will be the brand new LABBS polecat (available now to start learning - we will be in touch with non-members soon about access to this). The other song will be the individual choice of each chorus stream leader/Director.  You will need to learn the notes and words for both songs to a good standard, in advance of the weekend.  As the balanced split for the two choruses can only be determined after enrolment closes, the learning materials for the second song will be provided to delegates of the relevant chorus early in March. At the end of the event, you will perform both songs with your chorus to the rest of the college!

Learning resources for the relevant songs will be made available to delegates by Monday 7th March.

Directors stream 

As a Chorus Director you have four different roles: leader, teacher, musician, and conductor. In this stream we’ll help you identify which you are most confident in, and which you most need support in to progress in your directing journey. We will cater for directors at all stages of their journey, from those just getting ready to set out, to those well-established in the role who want to keep their skills fresh and move to the next level.

The sessions will include a mix of practical and theoretical tuition, and a mix of small-group and whole-group activities, to give everyone the opportunity to connect with and learn from other directors. We are each others’ best resource, and the wisdom and initiative our peers bring to the experience is integral to the learning process.

Quartet stream 

For full quartets, (any voice combination) who will spend most of their time receiving dedicated coaching from different category judges, with the latest techniques and approaches to the style. Places are limited on this stream to just 9 quartets, so get your enrolment in early if you want to take part and ensure all quartet members have enrolled, to confirm your slot.  At the end of the event, all quartets will have a (non-compulsory!) opportunity to perform one of their songs to the rest of the college!

Extreme Quartetting stream - NEW! for 2023

Brand new this year to LABBS, this stream is an entry level for Harmony Brigade-style extreme quartetting, suited to barbershoppers with some experience, who will be singing in the "treble voice" (ie women's range arrangements - which does not preclude other genders from taking part).  As 6 arrangements will need to be licenced exclusively for this stream, there is a surcharge on top of your accommodation package of £25 which is non-refundable. This amount will NOT be included in your online enrolment form total, but will be manually added to your invoice for payment.

Those selecting this stream will learn 6 songs in advance, to a high level of accuracy and then sing them in multiple scratch quartets, the more combinations the merrier! In the double session after lunch on Sunday all participants will be randomly drawn for a quartet and song, to compete for bragging rights and to have the chance as the winning quartet to perform to the rest of the college on the final showcase.  It is also recommended that participants arrive on the Friday evening if at all possible for a get-together and sing-through of the songs as a group.

Breakout "Pic-n-Mix" sessions

One session per day is planned in as a palate cleanser from your selected stream. You will be able to choose to attend a class on a variety of random topics, as offered by the faculty and indeed anyone attending who has volunteered to lead one! Simply turn up to the right location on the day, there is no need to book in advance! (See the delegate information page for building floorplans).

Saturday Pic-n-Mix choices Saturday Pic-n-Mix choices

Sunday Pic-n-Mix choices Sunday Pic-n-Mix choices


Do you have any questions?

Visit the FAQ page or email the Harmony College Dean on harmonycollege@labbs.org.uk